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Welcome to the Dominate Your Game Pro-Shop, where you can experience first hand our Super Human Protocol! This Initiative is dedicated to providing you with the best in the industry services and products that will help you reveal you inner Badass!.

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We offer a comprehensive range of products and services sessions that combine effective methods of Lifestyle Enhancement & Optimization.

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CelerOhm Nutraceuticals Supplements

Men & Women:

You want to be at the top of your game. however, you understand that the tried & true basics of life always get the job done: things like hard work, dedication, and commitment...and we agree.

At Celerohm, our products may not seem like anything fancy, but they are researched, time-proven, and established.When you want to look good and be good, sometimes, it's the simple things in life that help you make the most progress.

The Meta Human Method Performance Wear

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DYG University

Get the latest in research, methods, and forward driving ideas with the top experts in the industry. With DYG University, take total control of your education, either for yourself or for a conference.

Grab a subscription to our vast collection of state-of-the-art videos, articles, and more, and benefit on your own time from this amazing war chest of knowledge. Get items like seminar lectures, recipes, how-to and DIY programming, and so much more. Hours upon hours of learning materials at your fingertips from the best experts in the industry is all included.

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